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CNC applications

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The easiest way to customize.
Why the same CNC's appearance if the machines are always different?

customized Canned Cycles   Canned Cycle selection to be executed in M.D.I. for a cutting or milling machine
Example of a dialogue for a determined Canned Cycle. The simplest way for the end-user
For a Transfer Machine of 5 Heads (30 axes). Step 1/2: it shows the dialogue to select the work-piece type to be machining
Step 2/2: it shows the dialogue to select the program to be executed by the Head #2
for POLISHING machines: Teach In, Play Back and Symbolic Editing. Much easier than never!       Small panel for a boring and milling machine for the Wood
LASER machine needs 3 axes because the Clearance Distance must be perfectly maintained.
( All viewed panels have been extracted from real uses )
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